Oh, you said you need an Indianapolis newborn photographer?

I'm your girl!

a family snuggles with their baby during an Indianapolis newborn photography session

I'm almost as excited as you are to meet your new baby!

My philosophy for newborn photography is this: you just had a baby, so let's keep it simple!!

All you have to know: bring baby + boobs / bottle.

I'll take care of everything else. See, it's not gonna be as hard as you thought to get those sweet newborn portraits taken! I've got a collection of rustic props and accessories for your baby to use during the session. I even have diapers, wipes, butt cream, Johnson's baby lotion, and brand new passies stocked in the studio in case you forget to to bring or restock the diaper bag.


Your booking will include: a free cake smash package, the ability to fully customize your image purchase, stunning wall art and albums that I create from my heart, unique newborn photography that’s NOT cookie-cutter — and SO MUCH MORE!

newborn session in Indianapolis with gray and neutral props

I specialize in narrative
photography that is
evocative and genuine.

I hold tightly to the importance of our analog past. I preserve your memories in a nostalgic way, with film-style editing, and an emphasis on photo albums and bespoke wall art (that you can’t buy anywhere else).

I also design bespoke birth announcement cards to your specifications. Your card will NOT be a mass produced Etsy template; it will as unique as your baby, and printed on a thick heirloom mounting for preservation.

birth announcement cards designed by Indianapolis photographer Ashlee Lauren
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You get a FREE 1st birthday cake smash package with
your newborn booking!

This includes the session and
an image credit to get you started.


Be sure to book your newborn session while you
are still pregnant.


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Newborn session: $250 (regularly $350)

add on maternity or fresh 48 for $99 ea.


Digital images and prints are
after the session.

Prices are IN ADDITION
to booking fees.

LITHE package . . . . $450

5 digital images
$50 album credit

INDIGO package . . . . $650
25 digital images
25 matching organic prints
$100 album credit

DELIGHT package . . . . $850
35+ digital images
35+ organic prints
$150 album credit

albums and wall art begin at $450 // average investment: $950 - $1600

PLEASE NOTE: packages apply to 1 single session and cannot be combined across multiple sessions.

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10 Reasons Why I Do FRESH 48 Photography

photos of parents with a new baby, in the NICU at Community North Hospital in Indianapolis, IN

I know a lot of moms are intimidated at the thought of having a photographer in the hospital right after giving birth — cuz childbirth is one WILD ride. But I absolutely promise it’s 100% something you won’t regret.

Here are my 10 reasons why I love FRESH 48 photography.

  1. You only get to meet your baby once.

  2. I hear parents at newborn sessions talking about how they didn't get a picture of this or that at the hospital; you can never go back.

  3. I love the little name signs on the bassinets

  4. In between the exhaustion and the craziness, there's something so beautiful and primal.

  5. There's no guarantees in life; so photograph everything

  6. Babies look like little grownups by the time they come in for newborn pictures a week or two after they're born, this is the only TRUE newborn time there is.

  7. It sets my inner photojournalist free for a little while.

  8. I can tell the story as I see it.

  9. Love is a mysterious, glorious thing.

  10. Through photos, we understand life better.

Ashlee is available to photograph brand new babies who are born at Community Hospital North, Community Hospital South, St Vincent Carmel, Hendricks Regional Health Hospital, IU Hospitals, and more.


What’s the best type of smash cake for baby’s first birthday photos?

baby eating cake at her first birthday photography session in Indianapolis, IN

Whether baby is a picky eater or is obsessed with food, a whole smash cake to themselves is going to be something they’ve NEVER experienced before.

It’s important to not assume that cake being sweet equals being irresistible. I’ve had many babies in the studio who hated the icing, or the cake itself, or the whole thing. I’ve even had babies who would gag if the cake simply touched their lips, bless them.

So how can you make sure that you have the best chance for hit smash? After doing lots and lots of first birthday sessions over the years, here’s what I’ve found is the best type of smash cake.


Not only is a light crumb coat of icing fashionable and perfect for a farmhouse, shabby-chic look, it also keeps baby from getting overwhelmed too early. Thick icing tends to lead to a big sugar crash in just a few bites. I’ve also had a lot of babies FULLY melt down once their hands get sticky with icing. Not ideal for a cake smash shoot!


Dye can taste really bitter, especially to babies who are still exploring the world of adult food. You might not ever notice it in cake, your little 1 year old is much more sensitive to tastes right now. My advice is to just not risk colored icing. Stick to white to be sure the flavor is as as simple as possible.


This is going to be less sweet, and much more familiar to baby. If you’d rather go with traditional cake, for the love of GOD, consider how that cake will photograph. Strawberry or devil’s food cake? It can look like open wounds — EVEN the red speckles in confetti cake. Chocolate cake? This can easily look like baby went wild playing with a poopy diaper. You can’t say you haven’t been warned. ;)


I know that sounds kinda funny, but I’ve had lots of little ones who hated being messy. A cute spoon is a great way around this. I recommend having one on hand at the session, just in case.


Remember, this isn’t really about the cake. This is about celebrating your baby turning 1 year old, and all the delightful aspects of their new toddler personality. If baby ends up hating the cake no mater how careful you are, just let go an enjoy it. This is who your baby really is. And I think think that’s beautiful — plus those crying over cake pictures are ultimately pretty funny!

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 intimate + personal

I’m not the photographer for you in you like to keep things quick and surface level.

I won’t take many pictures of everyone looking at the camera.

If kids cry, I’ll keep taking pictures.

I will make you kiss your hubby.

We will see a lot of each other.

You might cry in front of me. From joy — or crazy pregnancy hormones.

And that’s what will make the images so powerful and edifying to you.

mom and dad holding their new baby, posing at a photography session in Indianapolis.

our journey together

We’ll start out with a chat — you can email me, schedule a phone consult, or come take a peek in the studio and meet up over donuts (one of life’s essentials) and coffee (the other essential).

We’ll meet again at our session, where everything is easygoing and authentic. I will photograph your family with meaning, and carefully document the things that matter oh so much to you.

A few days after your session, you’ll return to the studio for your image reveal. We’re talking tear-inducing slideshow on the big screen. Together, we’ll create a customized package (a mix of digitals and bespoke prints) that is perfect for you. NOTE: You can’t walk away from me with just ephemeral digital images, to get lost on facebook or deleted from hard drives. Nope. I believe in giving you printed products that are expertly designed from my heart, to spark the joy in yours.

Once your order is ready, you’ll stop by the studio to pick everything up. This can be tear jerking, once again. At this point we’ll probably be BFFs for life. And you’ll already be asking how soon you can come back for more!

a mom looks lovingly at her newborn during a photography session in Indianapolis


“what else do you have?”

Glad you asked! I also photograph . . .

baby milestones,

cake smashes for first birthday pictures,

maternity sessions,

a veeeeery limited amount of family sessions per year,

AND if you’re a newborn client, you’re in my exclusive BABY CLUB! That means you can book additional baby sessions between newborn and 12 months old for special prices.

6 month old baby session in Indianapolis, IN

Looking for Indianapolis NEWBORN photographers?

You found a great one! Ashlee loves photographing newborns authentically and making everything easy for new parents.

Check out some of her recent work on the blog.