behidn the scenes copy Project Motherhood was a plan I dreamed up to be a place for moms to tell their stories and get adorable images with children. These sessions are all about being relaxed, happy, and enjoying your time with your kids -- creating a memory you can hold onto of the "littleness." They're not about being perfect or being someone else's perceived idea of motherhood or womanhood. They are a place for you to shine, just as you are. And if you happen to have energetic children, don't worry. I'm totally used to everything kids can do, and am sneaky about getting those cute shots, even when they don't want to cooperate. ;) Over and over I've had moms say to me "I didn't think we got a good shot of all of us together/looking at the camera," and then are blown away when I'm like, "aha, but I *did* get it." Yep. Sneaky. ;)

Sometimes moms approach me before the session, nervous about having to get in front of the camera themselves. And you know what sister? Don't you worry about a thing! I'm not at all about being modely or posey-posey. I'm about you enjoying time with your kids, and basking in the love of just simply being near each other. We'll laugh (and you'll probably laugh at me; I trip an awful lot), you'll give hugs and tickles, maybe play a game. I want you to bring along things that matter to you. You know that book your 4 year old demands you read to him three times in a row every single night? Yeah, bring that book. Cuz that's the thing you're going to remember ten years from now; how you read Goodnight Moon or whatever it is 50 million times. When you're thinking back on it, with that little smile of reminiscence on your face, you can be like, "oh yeah, I have a picture of us reading that!" So bring the favorite book, the favorite toys, the favorite games, the favorite activities. And create a time capsule of the good stuff.

Ultimately I want you to remember that this is a celebration of you as a woman who is going through motherhood. You don't have to have everything figured out. You don't have to be back to pre-baby wight. You don't have to be worrying about sucking in the whole time.  These sessions are to honor the job you are doing, in raising tiny humans up to be compassionate, healthy, happy full grown humans. It's about doing it for your kids (who already think you are beyond flawless and absolutely perfect), so they don't say 15 years from now, "hey mom. Why aren't there any pictures of us with you in them?" Yeah, that would be a major bummer!

But even beyond that, it's an opportunity for you to do something that influences a positive change. I've been amazed over and over again at the stories women have chosen to share with me and with the project (and so honored that they felt comfortable enough with me to share such intimate details). Moms have shared stories about losing a child to SIDS, about how terrifying post-partum depression is, about how overwhelming (but ultimately rewarding) it can be to become pregnant at an unexpected time -- and so, so much more.  I think being open and real is SO important. I love that women are choosing healing and restoration, rather than shame and denial. I'm so proud that this project has become a place where women are using their voices for change.

I love being able to document a time in a woman's life that is so fleeting, so profound. A time when she is discovering what it means to give of herself for the good of little lives, and experiencing a love that is so primal and personal. I would absolutely love to do all this for you -- something special, maybe as an early (or late, I know how it is) Mother's Day present to your self, as a celebration of your child's birthday -- or just because you believe is the sacredness of this fleeting time, or have a story you want to share with the community. Whatever the reason, I can't wait to do this session for you! So what do you say? Are you ready to let the magic happen? Tissues provided. ;)

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