I need an Indianapolis newborn photographer!


Have you been told by a newborn photographer that your baby is too old for pictures?

Or that they can't fit you in last minute? I CAN HELP!

newborn photographer in indianapolis captures memories for clients

I recently received an email from a new mom that said: "I am interested in a newborn session. I had my baby Friday and didn't plan on doing newborn photos but now that she is here I really want them done."

I was so glad she found me! I can usually accept last minute bookings and was able to get her in the studio the following week. I run a full time photography studio, so I have extra wiggle room! If you had a baby in the last few days, give me a call and we can find a date for you! Or keep scrolling down for more information about session prices.

CALL ME: 260 418 1110

newborn baby sleeping on a blanket

And don't freak out if other photographers have told you your baby is too old!! I've had many clients tell me that other local photographers wouldn't book them because baby was over 10 or 14 days old. It's a total myth that "older" newborns can't have photos done. While it's true that after 2 to 3 weeks old they might not do every single newborn pose, there's still SO MUCH we can do! I'm skilled at working with babies between 2 weeks and 5 weeks old! So please contact me to book, I won't turn you away!!

Is your baby a premie and over 5 weeks old?

Not a problem! I know if baby comes super early, you might not even have had the chance to book a newborn photographer. Since premies stay sleepy and little for a while, we've got time. Even if your baby is still in the NICU, we can go ahead and set up a tentative date. We can adjust it later if needed.

an awake newborn in a floral wrap

I have 2 newborn session options:

90% of my clients choose this package. It includes 2 to 3 hour session, unlimited props and setups that you can customize upon request, 60 or more digital images for you to keep, permission to make prints, and a complementary piece of wall art.

$850 ($950 on weekends)

Includes 90 minute session, select props and setups that are photographer's choice, 20 digital images to keep, and permission to make prints.

$650 ($750 on weekends)

two older brothers with their newborn brother in indianapolis

"Can family be in the pictures too?"

Of course! Mom, dad, and big siblings can all join in. I love to take photos of moms snuggling their new babies. And it's so cute to watch dads as they fall in love with their new daughter or son.

"Where is your studio?"

My studio is located in downtown Indianapolis, at 1060 N Capitol Ave.

"What are your business hours?"

My newborn availability is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings at 10 or 11am. I also have weekend mornings available for an additional fee of $100. I am available by appointment only.

newborn boy stretches and yawns

"What do I need to bring?"

Baby, food for baby, and your diaper bag. If you forget anything, I'm stocked with diapers, wipes, powder, and rash cream!

"What if my baby pees or poops on your props?"

I totally expect it! Newborn poses typically put a gentile pressure on tummies, which can help baby poop. I've cured several constipated newborns in my studio! LOL! All my props are washable and up to the task. Please don't worry about messes. It's all part of the job.

"What will happen at my newborn session?"

While I can't speak for other newborn photographers, around here I like to keep things simple and organic. Earth tones, neutrals, and natural fibers are my favorite ways to style a baby. I do a mix of posed images as well as my signature portraits of baby on a black background. Extra time is included in your newborn session so baby can eat, burp, and settle. I go at your baby's pace and never force anything that isn't working. The room is kept super warm, around 80 degrees. This keeps baby from getting chilled. While it may seem hot to us, babies are used to the warm environment of the womb. The extra heat keeps their body temperature steady, as they're not able to regulate it well yet on their own and get cold easily.

If you need a newborn photographer, I'd love to get you set up for a session!

Please call or message me to book:

260 418 1110


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