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~~~ indianapolis newborn photography menu~~~

I'm currently booking newborn due dates from December 2018 through May 2018!

Mommas are encouraged to book early! I only accept a very limited amount of due dates each month; by booking I will hold space for you, whether baby is born early or late. You will also have priority scheduling. The session is typically held around 5 to 10 days old. Due to my full-time photography schedule, newborn sessions are ONLY AVAILABLE on week day mornings.

For all the delightful details, please click here to send me a note.

I provide gowns and flower crowns for maternity sessions, props, styling, sessions, edited digital images (I promise at least 30 per session, but there’s no max!), and bespoke printed art keepsakes. I can even design pieces for you that are completely one of a kind. No one else in the world will have anything quite the same.


I'd love to create art from this special time, while you have such a unique bond with your child.

First, I just wanted to tell you a little about me. I LOVE BABIES!! I’m almost as excited to meet your baby as you are! I know pregnancy and postpartum (that “4th” trimester) can be a crazy ride, so it’s important to me to take very special care of you every step of the way through our time together. This is, while joyful, a wildly raw time. I strive to be there for new mommas however I can, even beyond photography. I'll listen to your spill your heart (nothing is off limits or too "taboo" for me; I was gonna be a nurse before I went into photography). I'll help you learn the best, inescapable swaddles. I'll fill you in on things to try to settle baby's tummy. I'll show you my tricks to settle fussy babies. I'll laugh with you, love with you, cry with you - and photograph your baby with as much care and love as if it were my own.

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K.I.S.S. keep it super simple

I also don’t want you EVER guessing what to do. You’ll get a detailed prep guide for your newborn session, explaining everything so you know exactly what to expect, and how to get the best pictures possible.

Newborn sessions can actually be EASY! It might seem overwhelming to leave the house with a newborn. But all you have to bring to your session with me is baby + boobs/bottle (I’m BIG on Fed is Fed, so there’s absolutely no judgement on how you need to feed your baby) I’ve got everything else needed in my studio. Not only am I stocked with TONS of cute props for the session, I’ve got diapers, wipes, rash cream, baby lotion, buckets of hand sanitizer, etc so you never have to worry about not packing enough supplies.

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worth the wait

I love to celebrate rainbow babies. You're more than welcome to bring along special keepsakes that represent siblings in heaven.

It also fills my heart to celebrate babies that were many months, even years in the making.

I also believe every baby is beautiful and precious. No medical or genetic conditions present any problems in having a successful newborn session.

I can't wait to hear from you, learn your story and create art that will stir your soul for the rest of time.

Remember, you need to book early so I can be sure to have space for you around your due date!