These steps are VITAL to getting the poses and images you want.

Even if baby is regularly a good sleeper, the newborn studio is a new environment. Babies tend to be more alert and unsettled in a place with new smells, textures, and vibes. Completing these steps ensures best results.


1. Feed baby. IMPORTANT: If breast feeding, DO NOT GIVE FORMULA unless directed by your doctor. Adding formula to "help baby sleep" usually just ends in an upset stomach and fussy baby.

2. Give baby a bath (sponge bath if umbilical nub is still attached)

3. Lotion baby's whole body liberally with lotion of choice.

IMPORTANT: allow baby to fuss through the bathing and lotioning process, as this will help baby tucker out and be super sleepy at the session.

4. Keep baby awake until it's time to leave -- keep baby in just a diaper, tickle feet, move his hands and arms, move from tummy to back every few minutes. This works best if baby is not being held, but laying on a safe surface like your bed or the couch with you ALWAYS beside him. Allow baby to fuss WITHOUT a soothie or pacifier.

5. Dress baby in an outfit that snaps down the front -- DO NOT PICK AN OUTFIT THAT HAS TO GO OVER THE HEAD as these are more difficult to get off, which causes baby to get upset.


Pacifiers are never required or pushed, as I completely understand it is an individual choice and is definitely not always suitable for your situation. However, it’s important for me to also make sure you understand how a pacifier may impact your session and images.


For babies without a strong urge to suck, pacifiers are generally not needed, regardless, when baby is prepped as outlined in this guide.

But if you’re noticing that baby is always wanting to get his hands in his mouth, wants to be on the breast ALL the time, or even is developing blisters on his hands from sucking on them so hard, this means he has a strong urge to suck. It may be his preferred method of soothing, or it may just be a cute personality quirk.

The thing to keep in mind for newborn sessions is that almost all poses require baby’s hands to be at his cheek. For babies with a strong urge to suck, this will be an IRRESISTIBLE temptation, even in a deep sleep. As you’ve probably noticed at home, not being able to get his hands in his mouth makes him mad, and possibly even stressed. This is where the pacifier comes in handy — it allows baby to be distracted from his hands when settling into a pose so we can get those cute naked shots.

The good news is that babies with such a strong urge to suck generally don’t have any issues with nipple confusion. Many midwives aren’t concerned with the use of pacifiers for “suckers.” I’ve also never seen a “sucker” NOT go to the breast during a session after he’s had a pacie, and I've had 100s of babies in the studio — if anything is by his mouth, he WANTS it bad, and will do anything to latch!

If you have a baby with a strong urge to suck, generally we do need a pacifier to get the majority of the naked poses, simply because of the closeness of the hands to the mouth. Without a pacifier, we may not be able to get shots that you are wanting, or meet the minimum of digital images. Unfortunately, there are no refunds in this situation.

If you do prefer not to use a pacifier under any circumstances, please let me know so I can be sure to have plenty of swaddled setups ready to go at your session.


Plan to arrive 15- 20 minutes early to feed baby. You can hang out in your car, or come have a seat in the lobby -- however the lobby is usually a little hot in summer. (Lobby entrance details at the bottom of the page). There is a bathroom in the lobby behind the staircase.



Feed baby until baby is completely done. It's ok to go for however long it takes, we're on THEIR schedule now! ;) When baby is done eating, leave baby in a diaper and hold baby covered loosely with a blanket. You will be carrying baby up to the studio in your arms to avoid ticking him off by going back in the carseat. ;)



DO NOT LEAVE THE LOBBY, as I am on another floor and will not be able to find you. There is a bathroom in the lobby behind the stairs.


If older siblings will be joining us, please keep in mind that my studio space is small, and young ones can feel a little pent up after a while. Its fine to have grandma bring them a little later, or let them walk around the building with dad. There's a burger joint on the first floor that's a great place to get some fries for a snack. We're also just a block from the canal, and a few blocks from the circle if dad and the kids want to go on an adventure.

Dress kids in simple clothing. Jeans and a white shirt for girls, and shirtless with jeans for boys is my favorite.


Light, summer clothing in white or gray is the best, all year round. The studio is kept at 80 degrees to keep baby from getting chilled. So heavy clothing for you and dad will NOT be comfortable. Feel free to come in pjs or yoga pants and change at the studio. I'll be barefoot in leggings and a baggy workout shirt looking like a hot mess, so you won't be out of place! ;)

Whites, grays, and blacks are my favorite. You can mix and match or coordinte.

Moms, flowy dressed or tops are an awesome option, as they're forgiving. However pictures will mostly be from the ribs up.


The studio is located at 1060 N CAPITOL AVE. Parking is metered, be sure to put in 3.5 hours. The best place to park is close to the main entrance on Capitol on either side of the street, however parking is also along both sides of Senate and 11th.

PLEASE ENTER AT THE LOBBY CIRCLED IN THE PICTURE ABOVE. This is on the north end of Capitol and says "LOBBY ENTRANCE" in gold letters on the glass door.

PLEASE STAY PUT in the lobby, as I don't know the entire building to find you, and my studio is on a different floor.