$300 with coupon (regularly $350)

includes 45 minute session + 30 or more digital images

50% is due at booking. Pick a date when you will be 32 to 35 weeks pregnant.


"Will you photography me in a flattering way?"

Absolutely! I know this is a magical time -- but it's also a time when your body is going through a lot of changes! I make sure to photograph you from flattering angles, and I also have state of the art editing tools to do minor touch-ups in editing.

"Can my kids/significant other be in the pictures?"

Yes! Anyone in your immediate family is welcome to be a part of the session

"Can I print my own pictures from the files I receive?"

For sure! You get full printing rights to the full size, high-resolution files and can make as many prints as you want at any size, no restrictions!

"Will you help me figure out what to wear?"

Of course! I can help you pick pieces from your wardrobe. I also have a gown and some pieces on hand that can be used during your session.
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