I, (name), agree that *
I, (name), agree that
Ashlee may use the images from my modeling session for marketing purposed, both in print and online *
I agree that the session will be for Ashlee's portfolio and will consist of only the poses and props she chooses. *
I agree that I will only receive the images Ashlee chooses to edit for free (typically around 20), and if I would like any additional images edited I can choose to purchase them at $25 per image, or $350 for everything. *
I agree that if I am late to my session, it may be deducted from the session. *
I agree that if I damage anything in Ashlee's studio, I will need to pay to cover the cost before any images are released to me. *
I agree that Ashlee is not responsible for any injuries or damages upon any participating parties. Client, parent/legal guardian, and anyone accompanying them at the session will be responsible for their children and for themselves and I releases Ashlee Hiffernan from any claims against their person, their property, and their business. *