***TEST*** MOUTAIN AIR ACR presets

***TEST*** MOUTAIN AIR ACR presets


BATCH BEAUTIFUL -- Designed to give you the perfect base image with just 1 click. The only other thing to do is correct/adjust your exposure, which these presets leave up to you. Then you can sync the setting across all your photos, and bam, your editing is done! You can also bring the edits into Ps to do fades, finishing actions, and retouching.

21 presets total, 9 are black and white.



FOR LIGHTROOM CC (may be compatible with previous versions, purchase at your own risk)

Due to the digital nature of this product, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. By purchasing, you show your agreement to this policy and your agreement that you understand how the product is to be used, and its compatibility.

If you encounter any problems with downloading or installing, send me a note and I or someone on my team will get in touch within 3 business days: ashlee@alaurenphoto.com

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